Too proud, for love

Steve Aoki spinning at Zouk last night, crowd was massive with people pushing when there’s no more space to be pushed to, sweat and screams and thumping beats with the bass vibrating your ears off.

Now I really want to go to Amsterdam. Wish you could come with.

Jaggerbombs, Flaming Lambos, B-52s & AK-47s, enough rum & vodka to keep us on our feet for five hours straight.

This time, it was Cheetos for breakfast. They’re like Cheezels, but of a higher class (according to Alvin).

I like how there’s a difference in clubbing with people you’ve only met the night before and yet had ten times more fun with, than people you see more often but everything feels like an obligation.

Cheers to Alvin for putting us on his guest list, cheers to Teresa, Shaun & Yakob for a fantastic weekend.

Cheers to Muz, for everything else.


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