“It never made sense for you to love me”

No, I am still not in love with Edward Cullen.

Contrary to what some fans of the trilogy think, I thought the sequel did better. Though still, I don’t get what all the craze is about with all the screaming girls and the melting of hearts at the slight whisper of Edward Cullen.

I don’t see how anyone can really fall in love with Edward Cullen, the character, per se; the way he was written & portrayed was rather mediocre for me. I think it’s more likely that they fall in love with Robert Pattinson, the actor. He does have a certain beauty to him from certain angles, though I much prefer Dr. Carlisle Cullen, both character and actor.

At least in New Moon, there’s a fresher side to the plot. Add in a jealous bestfriend and screw around with the mind of the protagonist, by taking away the main source of her love for more than half the book.

But the way Volturra was painted in the book, I wish such a magnificcent city truly existed. Even the name rolls of your tongue like a dish ten times more exquisite than golden caviar.

I’d read Breaking Dawn, but mainly to satisfy my curiousity how Bella turns out in the end. I liked her a bit better in New Moon, compared to the incredible annoyance I found her to be in Twilight.

But for now I’m back to Patricia Cornwell.


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