Some people

No matter how much I complain about technology, there’re still some perks. Like the security tracking application some Samsung, & apparently LG too, phones have pre-installed. It works in such a way whereby if the sim card were to be replaced, a text from the new sim card’s number would be automatically sent to a preset number of my choice, without the former party knowing.

So here’s the downlow of 12.20am yesterday.

Nur Aini got a text saying my phone had been stolen. That means someone had finally found it & decided to replace the sim card. I gave the number a call, and a lady hung up on me after I’d explained my situation. After which, she proceeded to reject my further calls & finally turned my phone off.

How rude.

Since I’d already given her a  chance to return it & she doesn’t take the opportunity, I reckon that counts as an offence somewhere in some rule book, right?

Down we went to the police station, & here’s where I stand on my frustration with the local security system – they can be really inefficient and not give two fucks about you unless you’re on the Wanted List.

I had to reiterate & explain my story over & over; for some reason they were so fascinated by my phone’s technology that they doubted me.


All they need to do is just trace the number. I have the bloody number, I know which service provider the number belongs to, they can get this issue over with within 24 hours. But here I am, waiting for more than a day with no response still.

I was told by a police friend of mine that such investigating officers would push cases like this way down their priority list, and end up taking a month or so.

I get it, them overconfident, inefficient police people have not captured the runaway terrorist & he takes priority over petty issues like mine. I get it, there are other emergencies around. I am probably just the 0.1% of their problems right now. But I have all the details they need, I’m not leading anyone on a blind goose chase here. Everything would be done in a jiffy if they would just look & listen to the facts I’ve pointed out.

I ended my visit with a long wait for a report written in bad grammar by the police officer in-charge, but not before I made sure of the IO’s number I could call for enquiries.

I am going to badger these people, take my word for it.

Good karma should happen to me, or at least start happening to me cos it’s finally time. I’m not an entirely good person, but I should get some vibes of kindness & good luck floating my way right about now.

But for now it’s back to the drawing board for my Euro route. I’m finally stoked for it… no, wait, it may just turn out to be a bitchy 4 months after all.

But more on that another day.

Bisous, ♥


3 thoughts on “Some people

  1. You should write to the ST Forum and tell them the police aren’t keeping up with times and they should damn well make sure they do. I bet the police officers were mats. HAHA.

  2. Haha I wish they were. Then I would at least have a somewhat valid reason for their inefficiency & difficulty of understanding situations. But they were Chinese.

    Although, the IO in charge for my case is a Malay guy, and he doesn’t work on weekends. Seriously.

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