Don’t you get it?

Let me start by saying that I am generally a nice person. Believe it or not, that’s totally up to you. But I believe in being the peacemaker, it’s just in my nature. I won’t try to argue with you to the extent of blowing something out of proportion. I am opinionated yes, but in the end I just won’t bother fighting a lost cause.

But I am so fucking sick and tired, of being nice.

To anyone & everyone, whether friend or foe, loved one or acquaintance. I won’t always be there to take your side and listen to you rant about yourself when I’m having a bad day myself. I’m not a pushover who’d pick up your shit for you when you can do that yourself. Seriously, stop stepping all over everyone else and stealing the spotlight all for yourself. I believe in Karma, and Karma’s a bitch that would bite you in the ass so hard, you’d think twice about doing something the next time.

Especially when it involves hurting other people that I happen to really care about, just to make yourself feel good. You just downgraded yourself ten notches down my list.

& no, I’m not just talking about one person, but if you feel that it’s you then do something about it.

I have to be up in 3 hours, and I am very cranky right now, so Goodnight.