“It’s not unusual to be loved by you”



For some reason I can never ever get bored of museums. Maybe historical museums, if I go every single day but a trip every once in a while still leaves me discovering something new that I never noticed/knew of before, at the end of the day. Art museums are probably one of the top five places I can go like almost every week, it’s a recluse for me somehow. Others have getaway homes or time consuming hobbies to take their minds off the real world, I have art museums – same difference. I cannot wait for the Louvre in Paris!




2 Mega pixel phone cameras suck.


2 mega pixel phone cameras really suck.





We completed everything in less than 2 hours, and went for lunch/early dinner at some hidden tuckshop in the area with overpriced food but delish Thai chicken salads & humongous brownies. I’m starting to really love a few people in my class, the kind of affection that only develops when I’ve let my guard down. I can honestly see myself bawling my eyes out at the airport when I leave for France, especially if some of them are going for overseas attachments when I get back cos that means I won’t see them for a year.

Less than two months to go.


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