The Final Countdown


Obama 53%, McCain 44%.

In the heat of the countdown to D-Day (that’s 20 hours for you), I just thought I’d give my two cents worth of something. Not sure where this is coming from, I’m not even American for God’s sake. But it’s just something about this election, how different it is, that kept me intrigued for most of the last 21 months.

One of Obama’s platforms is “Change We Need”. Yes, America needs the change. Because when America changes, the world changes. When America makes a move, the whole world shifts. When America jumps, we all say how high.

This time, we need positive change. We don’t need no more unneccessary wars or attacks on other countries, using terrorism as an excuse. We don’t need unneccessary deaths in an unwanted & unwelcome battlefied. And speaking as a non-American, that country itself needs some internal positive change. Like reliable health insurance, for a change. Decrease in poverty. Decrease in unneccessary luxury expenses.

But that’s what Utopia is like. And we know that Utopia does not, and most probably will not, exist. Let’s say Obama wins the campaign and becomes the next US president. Would it be a smooth road? We’ve already got some people saying he’s an Arab who has no right to run the country. And with Obama as the next US President, will the change that we really need and that he promised, really happen? We’ve all fallen victim to empty promises by government officials, both in the US and other countries. What makes you think it’s any more different? That all these calls for change aren’t just campaign stunts?

Unless a miracle happens and the future United States evolves to become the UK and Canada combined.

Right now McCain is second in the polls, with 8% of the population still unsure which party to vote for. Republican or Democrat? Conservative or Change? As much as we want it, most of us fear change. Because right after change, comes a world of unpredictability. Balance is removed, and we all step into something unfamiliar. And then what happens? If we don’t follow the rule book, we either make or break. There’s a grey area in between but its very small. And should we fall into it, we’d still only come back out on either of the two sides.

McCain is doing a marathon of rallies in 7 states before his time is up, while Obama doing three states today. McCain brings with him “a life time of experience” as quoted by Senator Clinton, but Obama might just be the breath of fresh air. Both men bring change. The question is, how radical?

Right now even I’m torn, who to push for. I don’t know, I just hope somebody won’t rig the votes which may result in a confusion, a la Bush VS Gore, 2000. Most of the people around me are pro-Obama, but somehow I can just imagine the results to be otherwise. So America needs to wake up and really decide what they want. Because technically, the future of tomorrow is in their hands.