Countdown: Ten Months!

Wow. In about less than 5 months it’d be ME holding my ticket stub, walking through the boarding gate and flying off across the world. Living independently, learning & living a whole new life.

Meanwhile, Shi Ya & Swee Ting are probably having the time of their lives in Finland, hey? 😉

My cheeks were all puffy from excess secretion of saliva (piercing),
.. or it’s just another excuse for my getting fat.

No more “Nuluu, Nuluuuuu!” 😦

I’ll be seeing them in 10 months, if not later, depending on whether I take a tour around Europe.

Ten months to seeing them.
Four/five months to France.

Read: I’ll be in France by the end of this year, if not right after New Year’s.

Feels surreal, too good to be true. I’m not kidding when I say that such good things usually don’t happen to me. I’ve a lot of thanking & counting of blessings to do now.


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