Beating around the God damned bush again

now it seems as though you’re pushing the blame. that what happened was our fault, and now the whole world of people that you’ll relate this story to will come to conclude that we are massively insensitive and ridiculous. but what is really? us or you? maybe you’re right, maybe everything’s true, no matter how ludicrous and crazy it sounds. but then why is it nagging at me; why are you always sort of.. defending your position? is it an attempt to convince us, because you know we can’t be so easily fooled?

i’ve played the game before honey, trust me i know how everything works. i feel rotten and useless, and maybe i’m being selfish by being this way because i don’t want to feel the guilt. but i don’t want to make my efforts go to waste either. you should’ve listened. what we told you. you should’ve just fucking listened.


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