The road less travelled?

some of us think we’ve got our lives mapped out so well for us. may prove true for some, but that just leaves the rest hanging, nowhere, on a thread. a thread of faith maybe. or trust. something that they want to believe in, but whether or not it is strong enough is subjective. see, we have the power to choose, make choices, decisions that affect us and others around us. sometimes we trust others too much that it ends up destroying us. sometimes you are so adamant in making yourself want to believe, that in the end you lose all sense of direction. you lose all sense of respect, for yourself, and of yourself to others.

i can’t say that i’ve been there, done that. i don’t know what it feels like, what is goes through your mind. but i am not that blind nor naive as i see you to be. i wish you could see where you are going. where he is taking you. i don’t know exactly where you will end up and how, but you don’t know either. all i can tell you is, i don’t think that place is very bright.

30 to 70. that’s all i’m saying.